Tips on Getting Genuine eSports Information Online

With the growing interest in e sports events, a lot of people get themselves involved because it’s a nice and easy way of having fun. The Internet is a great source of information, but in spite of that, you are likely to bump into fake news or articles that may mislead you.

Getting information

Getting authentic information that is easy to understand can be a walk in the park if you are on the lookout guided with these tips.

Official Game Websites and Social Media Accounts


Almost all games if not all, do have websites and social media accounts. This is their main media of communication to their avid fans on the on goings of their projects and more so e-sports events information. However, there are counterfeit sites and social media accounts with almost similar names that are bound to confuse you. Always be on the lookout and avoid them as they are prone to giving false information for their selfish gains.

Gaming Forums

They are a good source of information, as anonymous people discuss various e-sports on a regular. In spite of loads of information they may provide, you may meet discussions that are not helpful, e.g., people bragging and hurling insults at each other. Stay sharp and only go through healthy discussions as they will go a long way in giving you positive insights in the e-sport arena.

Genuine eSports Websites

A site like esports rankings is one of the dedicated websites that offer e-sports news with intricate detail to the latter. The sites are well designed making maneuvering around easy and are also pleasing to the eye. You will find loads of information on the current e-sports events, some of them also offer live match results. Keep an eye on the fakes that may resemble the original websites.


Most of the pro-gamers in the e-sports arena have amassed huge followings on their social media accounts be it Facebook, Twitter, etc. they use these platforms to communicate to their fans sharing info on their next and upcoming events. Others also have channels on streaming platforms, e.g., YouTube where they stream live games that are fun and entertaining too. You also won’t miss discussions on e-sports events during the streaming from other fans.

e-Sport Companies

lkasndkvsadvlkasldvnsaldkvnlksandvlksadvknlaskndvlknasvasdThey are companies that offer platforms for gamers to compete with the potential of winning prizes. In addition to that, they do offer good information about e-sports both for the professionals and non-professionals. Should you also feel like investing in e-sports it’s the first step to get to know these companies by visiting their platforms and experiencing on what they have to offer?…