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Types of video game genres

Perhaps you always thought that playing video games is a waste of time, especially if you have kids that play games all the time. But maybe you’re curious and wanted to try playing a game, and don’t know what to pick since there’s a lot of names, genres, and different stories. Do not worry, here we have listed several genres for video games and what to pick depending on your preferences.

Role-PlayingStrategy games

If you like to play strategy and simulation with great stories, perhaps RPG games might suit your liking. RPG games offer turn-based approach where you think before executing an action; often your response might yield results such as rewards, story progression, and unlockable stuff. Popular titles such as Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem are known for one of the top turn-based games in the video gaming industry.


If you like to move while also defeating your enemies in a fast-paced combat, perhaps action games suit you. These games tend to use elements like exploration, simple puzzle solving, fighting and also item collecting. These games are the jack of all trades and are perfect for those who are looking for a lighter background of the story. An excellent example of a favorite action-adventure game is Legend of Zelda and Tomb Raider.

FPSFirst person shooter (FPS)

If you like to play shooting games, then opt for FPS instead. Usually, they tend to use military backgrounds such as the war between countries as the story, but nowadays they have broader story option. An FPS game objectives are usually a battle royale, where the last one standing is the winner, a team deathmatch or capturing a spot which rewards your team a victory. Star Citizen is an example of an upcoming fps game.

Survival horrorsurvival horror

If you like darker themes and scary games, then survival horror is perfect for you. These games are designed with jumpscares, scary monsters or ghosts, complicated puzzles, and limited supplies of weapon and health recovery items. The purpose of the game is simple, to scare you, and also to give you a feeling that you’re not safe. This genre of game is also perfect for Halloween where you’re playing with your friends.

We have listed 4 of the most popular genres in video game industry, think you’ve gotten a bright idea of the games that you want? Then it is time to pick up your wallet and start shopping for the games.…