How to play Ukulele for beginners

They say that music is the language of the universe. It has spiritual powers that can create a mood and emotion. It brings people together. Music as a language challenges you to listen and understand what you hear. In the same way, playing a musical instrument teaches you to communicate through music. The musical instrument is the tool to produce sound in different types, style, and method. Most likely, musically talented people show their talent either in singing or playing an instrument in various genre of music. There are people became popular because of their talent in music, and it inspires others to learn music and string instruments.

Ukulele is one of the best string instruments because it is easy to play and highly recommended to anyone starting. It would also develop the attitude of taking care of the device. It requires a cool and dry place for storage, needs regular tuning and constant playing. Another benefit is exposure to music would teach you to shape the kind of music you might love. So, are you interested? Let’s start learning basic through these simple steps.

Choose the right ukulele

With all the different shapes, sizes, brands and corresponding sounds of the instrument, it is important to select the best for you. There are four different types of ukulele; soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone. But if you have enough budget, you can also choose the best electric ukuleles on the market. It sounds more like the regular ukulele but can amplify the sound.


Familiarize the instrument

Before playing, you have to know the body, neck, frets, head and the four strings of the ukulele. In understanding the parts, you could also learn the tuning. It gives each string a correct sound. You twist the tuner knobs at the top of the head to tighten and loosen the strings. In familiarizing the instrument, you should also need to consider the correct posture. Hold the ukulele in the right way to get good sound, whether you are standing or sitting. It would make you comfortable with the instrument

Learn the chords

In starting the ukulele, learn the basic chords first, Refer to the string number and the appropriate finger to use to produce sound. Major chords will just follow after you familiarize the essential. Playing the minor chords are usually done with sad and gloomy sounds compared to the major chords.


Play the Ukulele

When you mastered the basic notes and chords, it is then easier to play the instrument but of course with timing. Counting in fours while playing would also help to keep the beat while you strum. Start to play a song with a slow and steady rhythm. After a series of practice, you could try playing the whole songs. You can further search ukulele tab for your favorite song. The most important thing to do is keep practice to improve your ability.


Learning to play an instrument does not necessarily an inborn talent, it needs  perseverance and diligence to become a good Uke player.